15mL & 50mL Conical Tubes


Product Name Item# Size
50ml Tubes (Bulk version)
TB50-500500 tubes
15ml Tubes (Bulk version)
TB15-500 500 tubes
15ml Tubes (Rack version)
TR15-500 500 tubes
50ml Tubes (Rack version)
TR50-500500 tubes
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Product Description

Sterile, nuclease free centrifuge tubes suitable for a wide variety of applications including sample preservation, reagent preparation etc. Single-handed lid operation makes use in a cell culture hood more efficient.

Product Highlights

  • Polypropylene (PP) conical bottomed centrifuge tubes
  • Sterile, DNase/RNase-free, non-pyrogenic
  • Tubes can be opened with one hand, reducing contamination potential in sterile conditions
  • High-quality PP material in accordance with FDA, ultra-transparent wall, easy to observe
  • Leak-proof seal and accurate graduations
  • Wide temperature stability: -80°C to 120°C
  • Max RCF: 8,500 x g (15mL) and 9,500 x g (50mL)
  • White labeling surface
  • Chemical resistance to mild organic solvents and alcohols
Product Details

Product Name Item# Size
50ml Tubes (Bulk version)TB50-500500 tubes
15ml Tubes (Bulk version)TB15-500 500 tubes
15ml Tubes (Rack version)TR15-500 500 tubes
50ml Tubes (Rack version)TR50-500500 tubes

  • General molecular biology
  • Concentrating bacteria
  • Chemical/solution storage
  • Centrifugation of precipitates
  • Cell culture


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