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Easy Breezy™ non-woven beard covers are made from polypropylene with a non-binding latex-free elastic band. They are ideal in clean or HACCP compliant work environments to prevent facial hair from contaminating food or other products. Light and breathable, our beard covers offer a secure fit and maximum comfort during long wear.

  • Breathable material for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight for comfortable, longterm wear
  • Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions


No Latex


Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
1791T100 Beard Covers x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Beard Covers Per Case628670502268
1795100 Beard Covers x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Beard Covers Per Case628670513240

Product Details

1791TOne SizeNon-woven PolypropyleneWhite
1795One SizeNon-woven PolypropyleneBlue

  • Fishery / Aquaculture
  • Food Preparation
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Food Service
  • Kitchen / Bakery
  • Laboratory / Clinical
  • Medical / Examination
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