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EZ Correct Correction Tape from BIC Wite-Out Brand can be used to quickly correct documents that were written or typed. Unlike the correction fluid white out liquid, this dry correction tape, which is made by Canada’s #1 Correction Brand*, enables you to make immediate corrections without making a mess or waiting. The tape is easy to use: Simply position the tip flat on your paper, hold the dispenser in the groove with your thumb, press firmly, and gently move from left to right. This film-based correction tape is stronger than paper-based tape in its tear resistance, allowing for neat, undetectable corrections that last. You will be able to apply the tape with ease and precision thanks to the self-winding mechanism, which helps keep the tape from coming undone. The dispenser’s translucent body also lets you see how much tape is left.

Product Details:
• Tear-resistant film-based tape
• Pack of 8: 5 EZ Correct correction tapes and 3 mini correction tapes
• Corrects instantly.


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions16 × 12 × 12 in

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