BLS Cartridges Gas, Vapor, and Particulate


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All cartridges and filters can be used interchangeably with BLS 4000 Series and BLS 5000 Series.

Particulate filters are used for aerosols (Dust, mists, fumes, smoke, mold, bacteria, etc) Gas & Vapour cartridges are used for only gas and vapors (organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, ammonia). Combination cartridges/filters are used for particulates, gases and vapors (organic vapors, acid gases and particulates).

To avoid using a BLS cartridge beyond service life write the date on the cartridge when first removed from the pack, change in accordance with your established cartridge change schedule. If at any time you smell or taste the contaminant or irritation is detected, leave the contaminated area immediately and try adjusting your respirator and/or change the respirator cartridges.

  • Bayonet connection (B-lock)
  • Easy Breathing
  • Weight distributed to the back of the mask
  • Lightweight

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BLS2114 Pairs per Box

Product Details

BLS211Organic Vapor
BLS213Organic Vapor & Acid Gas
BLS202Dust particulates
BLS301Dust particulates pre-fi lter
BLS221Organic Vapor with P100
BLS226Organic Vapor & Acid Gas with P100
BLS222Multi-Contaminant with P100

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