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Product Nameitem#Size
Filter Tip 0.5-10 ul
FT10 96 tips x 10 racks
Filter Tip 0.5-10 ul Extra Long
FT10XL96 tips x 10 racks
Filter Tip 2-20 ul
FT2096 tips x 10 racks
Filter Tip 10-100 ul
FT10096 tips x 10 racks
Filter Tip 40-200 ul
FT20096 tips x 10 racks
Filter Tip 100-1250 ul
FT100096 tips x 8 racks
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Product Description

Premium filter tips stop aerosol transfer between your sample and pipette; and keep your pipette protected from cross contamination.

Product Highlights

  • Universal fit, compatible with a wide range of pipettes
  • Certified free of DNase/RNase, endotoxins/pyrogens, PCR inhibitors, and human DNA
  • Polyethylene filter blocks aerosol contaminants with a 99.99% bacterial filter efficiency
  • Low binding resin maximizes your sample recovery
  • Flexible sealing area means great performance with different pipette styles and light insertion and ejection forces
Product Details

Item#FormatRetenton FactorMax VolumeMateral
FT1010 boxes/case (96 tips/box)Ultra Low10uLPP
FT10XL10 boxes/case (96 tips/box)Ultra Low10+uLPP
FT2010 boxes/case (96 tips/box)Ultra Low20uLPP
FT10010 boxes/case (96 tips/box)Ultra Low100uLPP
FT20010 boxes/case (96 tips/box)Ultra Low200uLPP
FT10008 boxes/case (96 tips/box)Ultra Low1250uLPP

  • General molecular biology
  • PCR/qPCR
  • RNA/DNA extraction
  • Protein extraction
  • Microbiology
  • Cell culture
  • Work with viscous liquids




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