HUSH™ Hi-Viz Earmuffs Foldable NRR 31


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Hush 50-431 is a foldable earmuff that offers a convenient folding design for easy storage. They are an economical, lightweight and durable model that provides a high degree of comfort to the wearer. They are easy to fit, they do not need to be specifically prepared like an earplug and can simply be put over the head, ideal for intermittent use. In cooler temperatures, earmuffs are often more comfortable for the workers to wear for long periods of time. Hush 50-431 provides a consistent and reliable fit, you can be sure that the protection wearers are getting meets the listed protection for the earmuff.

  • Convenient folding design for easy storage
  • Telescopic height adjustment remains fixed during use
  • Robust construction provides high performance and long-term durability
  • Noise reduction rating 31dB
  • Bright Citron colour permits high visibility
  • CE and ANSI certified

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