IM-DGFL Complete Inverted fluorescence imaging system


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IM-DGFL Complete Inverted fluorescence imaging system
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IM-DGFL is a complete solution for fluorescence and Phase imaging. The accessories are already included!

Get your images on the spot on the attached screen while still being able to use the eyepieces for quick pick at your cells.

Inverted microscope with for DAPI, green and red fluorescence and phase-contrast – all already included as well as 4 objectives, high sensitivity camera and a PC-12″ screen.


Special promotion including The IM-3FLD4D model:

Inverted fluorescence microscope, with PC screen, sensitive to low light camera, fluorescence for DAPI, green and red, and Phase contrast. This complete system is also Including 4 objectives.

The IM-3LD4D is equipped with powerful LED Fluorescence Illuminators, combined with corresponding excitation filter sets.

Transmitted light through the exclusive X-LED8 to ensure great-looking, rich and high-quality specimen view.

IM-3LD4D comes with an Intel micro PC, a 12” screen, a 6Mpx high-sensitivity color camera, Optika ProView image analysis software for fluorescence and wireless mouse and keyboard.


Observation mode: Brightfield, LED fluorescence.
Epi-illumination and filter: High -Power LED with brightness control.
4-position filter holder; Blue, Green and Red Fluorescence LED and filters are included
Head: Trinocular (2-position 100/0, 0/100), 45° inclined.
Interpupillary distance: Adjustable between 50 and 75 mm.
Dioptric adjustment: On the left eyepiece tube.
Eyepieces: WF10x/22 mm, high eye-point and with rubber cups.
Nosepiece: Quintuple revolving nosepiece, rotation on ball bearings.
Objectives: IOS LWD U-PLAN F 10x/0.30
IOS LWD U-PLAN F 20x/0.45
IOS LWD U-PLAN F 40x/0.65
IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 10x/0.25

All with anti-fungus treatment.

Specimen stage: Mechanical stage, 250×290 mm, with glass and metal
stage inserts for slides and 54mm dia. Petri dishes.
Focusing: Coaxial coarse (adjustable tension) and fine focusing
mechanism with upper limit stop.
Condenser: LWD pre-centered condenser, N.A. 0.30, W.D. 72 mm.
Removable to extend the working distance up to 150 mm.
X-LED8 with white 8 W LED (6,300K) with brightness
control. With aperture diaphragm.
Multi-plug 100-240Vac/12Vdc external power supply.
Digital equipment: Intel micro PC with Image analisys software for Fluorescence.
12” screen; 6Mpx high-sensitivity color camera. Supplied
with wireless mouse & keyboard

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IM-DGFL Complete Inverted fluorescence imaging system





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