IntegraTriple Dipped


This Integra™ triple-dipped PVC glove offers premium protection against chemicals, oils and solvents in applications such as chemical processing, petrochemical refinery, commercial fishing, masonry or general industrial maintenance. To ensure dexterity, this glove remains soft and flexible under cold temperature use. A sandy finish on the palm ensures maximum grip in wet, oil or solvent handling. A key feature of the glove is that its cotton interlock liner has been treated to reduce bacteria and odour.

• 12 Inches Long
• Flexible / Comfortable
• Lined for comfort and perspiration absorption
• Wet / Dry / Light oil grip
• Seamless cotton interlock liner


• Chemical Handling *
• Chemical Processing *
• Fishery / Aquaculture
• Janitorial / Sanitation
• Brickwork / Masonry / Concrete
• Municipal Cleaning
• Petrochemical Handling
• Waste Management
• Battery Manufacturing & Handling

Additional information

Weight26.01 lbs
Dimensions17.32 × 12.60 × 12.60 in


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