Nitrile Examination Gloves (Ultra Blue)


NE1 gloves are a range of specially designed comfort fit gloves for optimum protection and comfort. The NE1 gloves have much better elasticity than Vinyl gloves and offer better puncture resistance than latex gloves. They are latex free and powder free making them an ideal solution for various types of users, including those who are allergic to natural rubber.
These gloves are ideal for applications that require dexterity. NE1 gloves are medical grade gloves and can be used in pharmacies, dental offices, and veterinary offices and are a good choice for first responders.
The Nano-Engineered Glove®

• Medical examination grade glove
• Better flexibility than vinyl gloves
• Great chemical resistance
• Excellent strength and superior elasticity
• 100% latex-free and powder-free


• Beauty / Cosmetology
• Dental / Hygienics
• Electronics
• Food Service
• Hospitality
• Laboratory / Clinical
• Pharmaceutical
• Veterinary
• Emergency Services

Additional information

Weight9.92 lbs
Dimensions9.65 × 7.48 × 9.84 in


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