Polywoven Bag


VERA Plastics polywoven bags are manufactured from light weight polypropylene and are CFIA accepted for use in the food industry.

They can be made to order as per customer specifications in coated and uncoated fabric with easy opening options. Coated fabric protects products against moisture and external pollutants whereas uncoated fabric allows air passage.

Polywoven bags are foldable, easy to store and are strong to handle bulk goods. They are also ideal for lighter bulk storage and packaging needs.

Tear resistant, strong, durable and breathable

These bags are manufactured from polymer tapes interwoven together to form a high strength fabric. The bags are tear resistant, strong, durable and breathable. They are superior in strength to plastic or paper bags and are built strong for a long shelf life.

Product Details
  • Agriculture / Horticulture
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Waste Management
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