PrimaCut Nit Tri-Polymer Coat


PrimaCut ™ 69-572 is a one-of-a-kind heavy duty cut-resistant glove designed for high cut and scrape hazards. Its advanced tri-polymer palm coating stands alone in terms of its superior level of abrasion resistance. As well, it has an excellent dry, oil and wet grip. For extra protection and durability, the glove comes equipped with a cut-resistant Thumb Index Reinforcement.

Performance ratings:
EN388:2016 – 4543
Abrasion Resistance: Level 4
Cut Resistance: Level 5
Tear Resistance: Level 4
Puncture Resistance: Level 3
ANSI Cut: Level A5

• Excellent heavy duty cut resistant.
• Cutting edge tri-polymer palm and finger coating for tough protecton against abrasive surfaces.
• High resistance to wear and tear in heavy-duty applications like brick handling, machine handling etc.
• Excellent dry and oil grip; very good wet grip.
• Seamless, flexible, and soft cut-resistant liner for a more comfortable and cooler feel.
• Cut-resistant thumb Index reinforcement for extra protection and durability.
• Elasticized knit wrist with different serging color for easy size identification.
• Machine washable and re-usable for cost-efficiency.

• Automotive
• Glass Handling
• Wire / Cable Handling
• Sheet metal fabrication and handling
• Steel manufacturing
• Construction and construction carpentry
• General handling of sharp and abrasive objects and surfaces

Additional information

Weight9.48 lbs
Dimensions15.75 × 11.02 × 9.45 in


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