RONCO V2B Vinyl Disposable Glove (4 mil)


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Available in lightly powdered (LP)* and powder free (PF), RONCO V2B Vinyl Disposable Gloves are a cost-effective general purpose glove for use in food processing, beauty or industrial applications that require a good impermeable barrier. RONCO V2B offers superior strength and elasticity in a latex-free formula that reduces hand fatigue and promotes ease of finger movement.

*Lightly Powdered Variant is available on Container Program

  • Ambidextrous for easy donning
  • Compliant for contact with food
  • Extra thin for touch sensitivity
  • Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions
  • Flexible ease of movement


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Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
223BF100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case30628670500173
233BF100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case30628670500180
243BF100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case30628670500197
253BF100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case30628670500203

Product Details

223BFSmallVinylPowder FreeBlue4 mil
233BFMediumVinylPowder FreeBlue4 mil
243BFLargeVinylPowder FreeBlue4 mil
253BFXLargeVinylPowder FreeBlue4 mil

  • Beauty / Cosmetology
  • Environmental Services
  • Fishery / Aquaculture
  • Food Preparation
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing

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