Sol-Fit 22mil Nitrile,Unlined gloves


Made of premium nitrile, Sol-Fit™ offers high flexibility and finger movement. It has outstanding abrasion resistance and is ideal for use in applications that involve handling detergents, solvents, oils, fuels, alcohols, acids or fats. Sol-Fit™ is preferred by users in the food or industrial sectors who appreciate the variety of linings, lengths and mil thicknesses to suit their specific needs.

• Abrasion resistant
• Compliant for contact with food
• Tensile strength and elasticity – Superior
• Wet / Dry / Light oil grip

Applications: –

• Agriculture / Horticulture
• Chemical Handling *
• Food & Beverage Processing
• Janitorial / Sanitation
• Printing

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Additional information

Weight 16.53 lbs
Dimensions 19.29 × 14.25 × 4.92 in


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