SynRay™ Wet Floor Mop, Polyester/Rayon, 20 oz., Cut Style SCN- JM874


The SynRay™ Wet Floor Mop is a high-quality cleaning tool designed for efficient and effective mopping of various floor surfaces. Made from a blend of polyester and rayon, this mop is durable and absorbent, capable of holding up to 20 ounces of liquid. Its design ensures thorough cleaning while minimizing water streaks and residue, leaving floors clean and dry. The mop is suitable for use in homes, offices, schools, and other commercial spaces, offering a reliable solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

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  • Four ply rayon
  • Four rows of stitching on head band
  • Absorbs 5 times its weight
  • No presoak break-in required
  • Does not contain cotton
  • Resists mildew

Type: General Use
Mop Weight: 20 oz
Style: Cut
Material: Polyester/Rayon
Head Band Coating: PVC
Band Width: Narrow

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions11 × 4 × 10 in

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