Tyvek® Coverall With Hood or Collar, Elastic Wrist & Ankle, Zipper Closure



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Tyvek® garments are composed of a unique flashspun high-density polyethylene, which provides a superior balance of protection, durability and comfort against dirt and particulate in tough, dirty work conditions. This coverall offers an inherent barrier to particles down to 1 micron in size. Protection is built into the fabric itself; there are no films or laminates to abrade or wear away.

Abrasion resistant
Dry particulate protection
Fluid resistant
Elasticized sleeve offers full body protection
Zipper storm flap for maximum protection


Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
DP-TY125S-M25 Coveralls Per Case628670993431
DP-TY125S-L25 Coveralls Per Case628670993448
DP-TY125S-XL25 Coveralls Per Case628670993455
DP-TY125S-2XL25 Coveralls Per Case628670993462
DP-TY125S-3XL25 Coveralls Per Case628670993479
DP-TY127S-M25 Coveralls Per Case628670993370
DP-TY127S-L25 Coveralls Per Case628670993387
DP-TY127S-XL25 Coveralls Per Case628670993394
DP-TY127S-2XL25 Coveralls Per Case628670993400
DP-TY127S-3XL25 Coveralls Per Case628670993417

Product Details

DP-TY125S-MMediumTyvek®CollarWhiteFits 5'3 - 5'7
DP-TY125S-LLargeTyvek®CollarWhiteFits 5'5 - 5'9
DP-TY125S-XLXLargeTyvek®CollarWhiteFits 5'8 - 6'2
DP-TY125S-2XL2XLargeTyvek®CollarWhiteFits 6'0 - 6'4
DP-TY125S-3XL3XLargeTyvek®CollarWhiteFits 6'2 - 6'4
DP-TY127S-MMediumTyvek®HoodWhiteFits 5'3 - 5'7
DP-TY127S-LLargeTyvek®HoodWhiteFits 5'5 - 5'9
DP-TY127S-XLXLargeTyvek®HoodWhiteFits 5'8 - 6'2
DP-TY127S-2XL2XLargeTyvek®HoodWhiteFits 6'0 - 6'4
DP-TY127S-3XL3XLargeTyvek®HoodWhiteFits 6'2 - 6'4

  • Environmental Services
  • Municipal Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Petrochemical Handling
  • Waste Management
  • Utility Management

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