Ziplock Reclosable Bag 4 mil White Block


VERA Plastics reclosable bags are made from strong and durable 100% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and are CFIA approved for use in the food industry. They have a superior quality pre-opened zipper and are effective in preventing contamination and keeping contents safe. VERA Plastics reclosables come in white block for easy labelling in uses such as chemical processing, laboratory work, manufacturing and retail or food processing and service.


Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
RW40406-041000 Bags x 4 Dispensers = 4000 Bags Per Case628670601060
RW40508-021000 Bags x 2 Dispensers = 2000 Bags Per Case628670601077
RW406091000 Bags x 2 Dispensers = 2000 Bags Per Case628670806090
RW407091000 Bags x 2 Dispensers = 2000 Bags Per Case
RW40912500 Bags x 2 Dispensers = 1000 Bags Per Case628670809121
RW41212500 Bags x 1 Dispenser = 500 Bags Per Case628670812121
RW41215500 Bags x 1 Dispenser = 500 Bags Per Case628670812152

Product Details

RW40406-044 milLDPEWhite Block4 x 6 inches
RW40508-024 milLDPEWhite Block5 x 8 inches
RW406094 milLDPEWhite Block6 x 9 inches
RW407094 milLDPEWhite Block7 x 9 inches
RW409124 milLDPEWhite Block9 x 12 inches
RW412154 milLDPEWhite Block12 x 15 inches

  • Chemical Processing *
  • Food Preparation
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Food Service
  • General Trade
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Kitchen / Bakery
  • Laboratory / Clinical
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