Clipboard (Pack of 6)


COLOR IT! CLIP IT! You might have an uninteresting office clipboard, but why? Papers are a lot more fun to read with this rainbow of colors from Office Solutions Direct! Not to mention how useful it is to color-code your life! Go ahead and pick your favorite among our three sets—assorted, black, or clear—and clip YOUR world in vibrant fun!
• HARD, but not Brittle: We can’t guarantee that you won’t get a few scratches on these because, let’s face it, office and school life can get a little crazy, but we can guarantee that it won’t chip if you drop it on the floor accidentally. They are not bulky or heavy like cheap clipboards, but neither will they bend! Along these lines, you can bear upping and compose with certainty and not wobbly dissatisfaction.
• BIG STRENGTH, BIG CLIP: Each plastic clipboard is simple to use thanks to the extra-strong BIG. As a result, you won’t have to worry about losing any of the 80-100 sheets of A4 or Letter-Size paper it holds for those who frequently load multiple pages! Additionally, there is a loop that can be used to hang notes or display the work of children in the classroom.
• Suitable for kids as well: Kids can use these boards with reckless abandon because they have smooth edges and corners that are rounded. The straightforward plastic likewise makes it simple to see what’s on the rear of the page without unclipping. The lightweight plan makes them simple to hold, and on the grounds that they’re acrylic – they can be cleaned off after those inescapable juice spills!


Product Details:
• 6 Clear Clipboards
• TRANSPARENT acrylic lets you see what’s on the back of the page too!
• Holds 80-100 Pages in its sturdy grip WITHOUT dropping one.
• HARD, but not brittle – so a few drops on the floor won’t matter.
• Lightweight and Sturdy lets you write standing up – GREAT for Coaches!
• BIG CLIP with hanging loop makes them easy to use and fast to hang.
• Holds A4 / Letter Size Pages
• Size of Boards: 12.5” x 9”
• Pack of 6 Clipboards for home, school, office, dentists, doctors, kids and more!


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions16 × 12 × 12 in

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