NITECH® EDT Examination Glove (5 mil)


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NITECH® Examination Gloves are exclusive to RONCO, manufactured from a patented blend of premium quality synthetic materials. The new EDT formula makes it easier to put the gloves on moist hands.

Now available with EDT (Easy Donning Technology)

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NITECH® EDT won the OH&S 2016 “New Product of the Year” Award under the Hand Protection Category. Read more HERE.

This flagship RONCO glove is 100% powder free, latex free, and ideal for a number of food, medical and general uses. RONCO NITECH® was developed in response to application requirements for a level of protection somewhere in between vinyl and nitrile. NITECH® has since been dubbed the “For Everything In Between” glove.


  • Easy Donning Technology facilitates donning of gloves in wet, humid or sweaty conditions
  • 100% New material for strong, clean, odourless protection
  • Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions
  • Strong and durable
  • Flexibility eases hand fatigue
  • Ambidextrous for easy donning

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Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
365100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670505443
375100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670505450
385100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670505467
395100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670505474
395XX90 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 900 Gloves Per Case628670504293

365SmallNitech (Proprietary to RONCO)Powder FreeBlue5 mil
375MediumNitech (Proprietary to RONCO)Powder FreeBlue5 mil
385LargeNitech (Proprietary to RONCO)Powder FreeBlue5 mil
395XLargeNitech (Proprietary to RONCO)Powder FreeBlue5 mil
395XXXXLargeNitech (Proprietary to RONCO)Powder FreeBlue5 mil
  • Automotive
  • Beauty / Cosmetology
  • Dental / Hygienics
  • Electronics
  • EMS / Paramedics
  • Fishery / Aquaculture
  • Food Preparation
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Laboratory / Clinical
  • Medical / Examination
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Printing
  • Veterinary

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