Porta Stream® II Eyesaline® Solution Replacement Saline Solution


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Available in concentrated or Ready-to-Use (RTU), Eyesaline creates a preserved, buffered saline solution for the Fendall Porta Stream II. Mix eyesaline concentrate with clean, potable water or use the pre-mixed replacement saline solution directly from the container to refill the eyewash station – no mixing or measuring required. Also available in portable personal eyewash bottles for a solution that is sterile and superior to tap water in an emergency.


Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
SP-32-000513-00004 Bottles Per Case
SP-32-000502-00004 Bottles Per Case
SP-32-000451-000024 Bottles Per Case
SP-32-000452-000024 Bottles Per Case
SP-32-000445-000012 Bottles Per Case
SP-32-000454-000012 Bottles Per Case
SP-32-000455-000012 Bottles Per Case

Product Details

SP-32-000513-0000180 ozConcentratedTrilingual
SP-32-000502-00001 Gallon (3.8L)Pre-MixedTrilingual
SP-32-000451-00001 ozPersonalTrilingual
SP-32-000452-00004 ozPersonalTrilingual
SP-32-000445-00008 ozPersonalTrilingual
SP-32-000454-000016 ozPersonalTrilingual
SP-32-000455-000032 ozPersonalTrilingual


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