SILKTEX™ BLUE Latex Disposable Glove (5 mil)


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Made of premium quality latex, RONCO Silktex™ Blue comes in a lightly-powdered (LP) option. With beaded cuffs to prevent liquid rolldown, this glove resists a variety of chemicals, has a high degree of elasticity and offers excellent flexibility in food, beauty, or industrial applications. If reduced hand fatigue is important in your job, Silktex™ Blue is an excellent choice.

These gloves are manufactured using a process that reduces the level of latex proteins.

  • Ambidextrous for easy donning
  • Beaded cuffs to prevent liquid roll-down
  • Chemical / Solvent Resistance – Moderate
  • Flexibility eases hand fatigue



Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
529BL100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670503203
539BL100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670503210
549BL100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670503227
559BL100 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 1000 Gloves Per Case628670503234

Product Details

529BLSmallNatural Rubber LatexLightly PowderedBlue5 mil
539BLMediumNatural Rubber LatexLightly PowderedBlue5 mil
549BLLargeNatural Rubber LatexLightly PowderedBlue5 mil
559BLXLargeNatural Rubber LatexLightly PowderedBlue5 mil

  • Automotive
  • Beauty / Cosmetology
  • Chemical Handling *
  • Electronics
  • Environmental Services
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Meat / Fish / Poultry Processing
  • Printing
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