SILKTEX™ XPL Latex Examination Glove (13 mil), Extra Long


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RONCO Silktex™ XPL (eXtra Protection Long) offers extra protection in a powder free latex glove. This 13 mil, 12″ examination glove provides a good impermeable barrier of protection against bio-hazardous or infectious materials. Durable and comfortable, Silktex™ XPL is an ideal glove for emergency medical services, laboratory or pharmaceutical work environments. If you require tough personal protection on the job, this glove is the right choice.

  • Beaded cuffs to prevent liquid roll-down
  • Chemical / Solvent Resistance – Moderate
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Strong and durable
  • Wrist / forearm protection

CFIA ACCEPTED mediacal device license chemo tested


Item #Packaging ConfigurationUPC
865XPL50 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 500 Gloves Per Case628670503166
875XPL50 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 500 Gloves Per Case628670503173
885XPL50 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 500 Gloves Per Case628670503180
895XPL50 Gloves x 10 Dispensers = 500 Gloves Per Case628670503197

Product Details

865XPLSmallNatural Rubber LatexPowder FreeBlue13 mil
875XPLMediumNatural Rubber LatexPowder FreeBlue13 mil
885XPLLargeNatural Rubber LatexPowder FreeBlue13 mil
895XPLXLargeNatural Rubber LatexPowder FreeBlue13 mil

  • Chemical Handling *
  • Electronics
  • EMS / Paramedics
  • Fishery / Aquaculture
  • Laboratory / Clinical
  • Medical / Examination
  • Printing

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